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Montana Clement Events

Hello! My name is Montana Paxton Clement. I am the owner of River Bottom Ranch, but I am also the owner of Montana Clement Events. I work exclusively here at the property now. I am extremely well-versed in the workings of events, and I have curated a list of the best vendors to work here with at the ranch. I have been planning events for over 15 years and plannings weddings exclusively for the last 7. My wedding was the first here at the ranch, and I have been honored to plan many more here. I plan everything from set up, to tear down, event design, all-inclusive planning and day-of coordination. I have a wonderful team of experienced designers, planners and coordinators who I have met and worked with over the years who can bring any vision to life.


My pricing, much like the ranch, goes by the number of guests you are expecting, and also varies depending on the services you are interested in. There are 4 different services I offer: 

-Set up & Tear Down

-Event Design 

-Day-Of Coordinating 

-All-Inclusive Planning

You can inquire about my services at your walk through or during your consultation. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your special day!

-Montana Clement 

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Client Reviews 


She is a Goddess. Montana Paxton-Clement must be otherworldly because she has the ability to make miracles happen. She planned my ENTIRE wedding in less than 45 days and not only was it everything I wanted, it was made even better by her insight and experience. In addition to planning my wedding, she planned my whole week-long honeymoon. I’m talking down to the minute plans made with only the bride and groom’s interests in mind. Come hire this Fairy-Godmother as your wedding planner right now. She will make all of your dreams come true. ~Haley Kiger

Let's Chat 

My inbox is always open, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!


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